Katy-Jane Riches

Katy-Jane is a professional freelance photographer specialising in portraiture, fashion and street photography. Currently residing in the midlands, available to work internationally. 

Katy-Jane is available for concept portraiture, editorial, fashion, family, commercial, event and documentary photography.

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A Distant Reality - By Katy-Jane Riches

Charity exhibition exploring Indian Culture, shown March 2013 in Lincoln, UK.


The Skeleton Frame - By Katy-Jane Riches

There are necessary tasks we can all relate to, whether we do these tasks ourselves or observe others, they undeniably play a part in everyday life. This is what got me thinking about how we are all similar within the basic frameworks of existence. Everything we deem necessary, all the things we have to do and the things we cannot control, these are what make up the skeleton frame.

   I have chosen a vintage theme for some of the images within my work, this is to show the timeless nature of the skeleton frame and the relevance of it through generations. The idea is to create an image, which the observer can ascribe their own meaning or memories to. Not necessarily a literal image.             

   There are some old fashioned pre-feminist ideals that attach themselves to many of our everyday chores key to the framework of life. I have challenged this, drawing a contrast between the mundane nature of routine and the beauty of a woman empowered. 

  As well as the things we have to do, there are things in life we would like to change but cannot control, for example, illness or the weather. I have tried to capture the sadness connected to different parts of the frame, as the feeling itself is another to the list of these things we cannot control. 

   My belief is that we mustn’t let the skeleton frame become us. It is how we build upon the framework of necessity that creates true character and it is during the accumulation of everyday tasks that we build upon the frame in our daily lives. The way in which we use our time is vital towards giving our lives meaning, if there is no reason to live, there is no reason to reproduce and if we cannot offer time a worthwhile exchange then it has been wasted. 

   The title shot ‘The Skeleton Frame’, was taken in an empty swimming pool in Bishopsworth, Bristol. The shot portrays the idea of an empty space that needs to be filled in order to enable purpose. The whole idea of building upon the skeleton frame to fill your life with meaning is reflected in this image. This is mirrored further by the reflection on the pool floor of Danniella’s despairing expression. We all have our own emptiness that we fill daily with the varying ways in which we choose to spend our time; building upon a framework put down through necessity.

   I have used model, Danniella Zamparelli throughout this body of work, both beautiful and versatile, she doesn’t conform to the ridiculous size 6 model stereotype. Her facial features, smile and bodily curves bring character to the role. I would hate for my work to represent anything else. By only using one model, I am hoping the viewer will get to know her, following her story. I thank her endlessly for her natural perfection.

   Before I go, I cannot fail to mention the fabulous Sophie Cox. Her beautiful make up allowed me to travel back in time. Never failing to impress, you will see her make up throughout the work. Sophie, I am sad to see you leave but happy and excited by what the future holds for someone with so much talent.

   I would also like to thank Jake Wade for his constant help and support, Jordan Murphy Doidge for his face, Daniel Wellby for lending me his lights, my grandparents for their hands and wisdom and Jane Chedzoy, Emily Young and my lovely Mum for lending me invaluable props. To everyone else who helped in any way, thank you.


25 page exhibition booklets containing all 20 images are available to buy for £4. These contain reasons and titles for each image. 

16x24 mounted prints also available to buy, contact me for details via my website.


The Skeleton Frame was shown twice in Bristol and featured on a BBC radio interview.